Uncle Buck's Kitty Korner
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**February 14th, 2017 Update **


All 10 kittens have been adopted!

 Stay tuned to Facebook and the website for future litters
(Spring 2017)

*** Video of Summer 2015 Kittens***

Below is a video of Dillon's, Amber Lynne's & Sara Jane's first litters.  If you have trouble viewing this video - use the following link to view it directly on YouTube



Link to a video of Abbigail's June 2013 "Charlie's Angels" litter 

Link to a video of Abbigail's September 2012 "Happy Days" litter @ 6 weeks old & Roxy's kitten Luna @ 5 weeks old.  - use the following link to
view it directly on YouTube:

Link to an earlier video of Abbigail's September 2012 "Happy Days" litter taken @ 3 wks old - use the following link to view it directly on YouTube: http://youtu.be/AJNfPSgNGIM .  

Link to video of Abbigail's January 2012 litter- use the following link to view it directly on YouTube:http://youtu.be/bHR0WT0XgKU

Link to video of Abbigail's Fall 2011 litter  - use the following link to view it directly on YouTube:

Link to video of Roxy's Fall 2011 litter -  use the following link to view it directly on YouTube http://youtu.be/gqAxkHlH-a0 

                               ABOUT OUR KITTENS

All our maine coon kittens are born and raised in our home with lots of love and affection.   All sires and dams are on the premises.   Once litter trained the kittens are given the run of the house.   Our kittens are weaned and raised on premium cat food. 

Kittens are allowed to go to their new homes at 10 weeks of age.  We do not ship our kittens, therefore if you are interested in purchasing one of our kittens you must be willing to come to our cattery in Canton, Massachusetts to pick them up (with an appropriate cat carrier).  

A written signed contract between breeder & buyer states kitten/cat will remain an indoor cat - only allowing outdoor access with a leash & harness or into an enclosed area (screen porch/screen tent)
. Contract states buyer agrees never to declaw cat/kitten (please take time to read this article on declawing  http://www.declawing.com/)  and buyer agrees to spay/neuter kittens by 6-7 months of age.  Upon veterinarian's verification of altering the buyer will be provided CFF registration papers.   

                                         CATTERY GUARANTEES

We guarantee our kittens are free of internal (round/hook/tape worms) & external parasites (fleas) and fungi (ringworm) at time of sale.  If a certified veterinarian diagnoses any of these conditions within the first 10 days after purchase, and they are traceable to the cattery, we will pay the medical expenses  which were required to diagnose the condition and any medication required to treat the condition.

If any genetic defects are found within the first year after purchase , which may substantially shorten the life of the kitten, a replacement kitten of equal quality will be offered (depending on the results of the diagnosis or necropsy report by a certified veterinarian).  No refund will be given

If, at any time, we should have a kitten buyer who is not happy with one of our kittens, due to it not acclimating well into their family , and they have made a worthwhile effort with the acclimation process, we will be more than happy to take the kitten back within 2 weeks of purchase.  If the new owners cannot keep the kitten, for any reason, past the 2 week time limit, and we feel it would cause too much stress among our cats to bring the kitten back into our cattery , we will help find a suitable replacement home for the kitten.


Abbigail's  Kitten
  Abbigail & Dillon

Ready to go Home:
  NOW 10 weeks old
Kitten: Duncan -



Duncan 10 weeks