Uncle Buck's Kitty Korner
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Available Adults

The cats below are available for adoption.  It is very difficult for us to let any of our cats go as we are very attached to them and love them very much.  However, it does become necessary for us to retire and place some of our adults into loving homes where they can get lots of individual attention.   Because they are our babies, we are looking for the perfect homes for our retirees -  a home where they will be truly loved, spoiled and cherished.  They are not to be declawed,  allowed outdoors or caged.  We would really love to receive updates on them and would truly appreciate pictures from time to time.

Our available adults are very reasonably priced.  They have all been parents to the litters of the beautiful kittens we have had in the past few years and are now being retired so they can live the life of leisure they deserve.   The cost for one of our retirees is a nominal fee (which covers cost of spaying/neutering and shots ) They will come to you spayed or neutered, current on their vaccines, and with their pedigree paperwork. 
If you are interested in adopting any of these fabulous cats we encourage you to to set up an appointment to come and meet them.  Please call if you have any questions.

 Baby Girl
 (Furtaztic CJ Girlie Girl Coon 1) DOB: 7/11/03

Baby Girl is the matriarch of the cattery.  She is really enjoying her retirement lounging in her favorite basket watching the bird and squirrels outside.  The other cats in the cattery have been starting to pick on her (vying for the alpha cat role) so we have reluctantly decided to place her up for adoption. Baby Girl would do best in an adult only home without any other pets.   We want to find her a quiet peaceful loving home where she can be lavished with all the love and attention she deserves.  P.S.  Baby Girl loves men!

Climber Girl
(Kitty Korner Angel Face Coon)

Adopted  4/16/11 and taken to her new home to be pampered by her new Mom, Katie.


(Kitty Korner Tubby-Tubby Coon)

Adopted 11/3/10
Tubby (now nicknamed Pretty Girl) has been adopted is well loved & spoiled by her new Mom, Kathy.

(Kitty Korner Meatball Coon)
Adopted 3/14/10
Meatball is in his new home being loved & spoiled by his new Mom, Rita.

(Cameocoons O'Reilly Love Coon)
Adopted 2/19/10
O'Reilly (now affectionately  called Velcro) is in his new home happily hanging out with his
new Dad & best friend, Ron.

Uncle Buck

Adopted 6/5/10
Uncle Buck is now living the  high life in his new home Buck is happily hanging with his new furry friends Pearl (persian cat) , Bonnie & Clyde (retriever/beagle mix siblings) Buck is being loved and adored by his new human friends Barb, Gary & Katie